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Voice of the Customer Analysis for a Multinational Medical Device Company

Evaluate global market opportunity through the voice of the customer

The Voice of the Customer is the hallmark analysis for Strategy Inc, with >3,000 performed over the past 15+ years. Each Voice of the Customers garners insights from one-on-one interviews of, on average, 15 – 30 physicians or other selected key decision makers.

In this case, a multinational medical device developer and manufacturer retained Strategy Inc. to perform a Voice of the Customer for a potential product line under consideration. The objective was to confirm market need, understand clinician preferences, and to evaluate market opportunities for their emerging medical technology. Such efforts are also often used to support forecasting and revenue projections.

Strategy Inc. Proven Processes

At the direction of the company’s marketing team, Strategy Inc. developed a participation strategy, incorporating the Voice of the Customer analysis with answers to a wide range of strategic queries designed to help formulate the executive commercialization strategy for this emerging clinical area.  This Voice of the Customer designed to evaluate clinician needs and preferences, sought also to understand trends, required clinical parameters, the clinical value of specific parameters, and the likelihood for technology adoption within the target clinical market. Strategy Inc. obtained primary data from one-on-one interviews with 30 leading and in-the-trenches physicians, including Intensivists, Anesthesiologists and Emergency Department physicians, in addition to Critical Care Nurses, with half of the participants based in the US and half from Europe.

Strategy Inc. Generates Results

Strategy Inc.’s analysis provided the company with actionable data and insights to frame end-user interest and clinical needs.

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Other Projects for Similar Clients

Other projects that have been executed for similar clients seeking market opportunity insights or data for revenue forecasting include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Valuation of a novel thrombectomy catheter that does not require thrombolytics, aspiration or suction
  • Market Analysis for an orthobiologic hemostatic agent for use in cardiothoracic, abdominal or spinal procedures
  • Market Analysis of an Israeli developed prep-less colonoscopy technology used adjunctively with standard colonoscopies