Streamling clinical adoption

Voice of the Customer Analysis for Medical Innovation

The Voice of the Customer Analysis delivers insight and determines projected adoption of an innovative medical device based on the collection and analysis of primary market data.  Market insights are garnered from the direct input of global physician Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), healthcare value analysis leadership or other potential customers, such as patients, nurses, or hospital administrators.

Strategy Inc. conducts direct, one-on-one interviews with carefully selected physicians, nurses or hospital administrators each with significant and aligned domain experience, respected positions of leadership at renown institutions, peer reviewed publications, presentations and other specified criteria. The Voice of the Customer Analysis delivers a candid opinion from the primary users and target market of the lifescience innovation. This process can be instrumental when a technology is under consideration for developmental funding or acquisition.

Strategy Inc. has delivered over 3,000 of these analyses in the last 15 years, and this knowledge base is at the core of their proprietary industry knowledge.

Clients consistently tell us that the Strategy Inc. Voice of the Customer Analysis is surprisingly cost effective and uncovered issues that became either market drivers, or circumvented what would have been a costly business mistake.

With the Voice of the Customer Analysis you can:

  • Address the chasm between technology physicians are “interested in” and technology they would consistently purchase
  • Confirm the adoption cycle (timing and level of financial commitment) as driven by the market perceived product performance and addressed clinical need
  • Explore multifaceted requirements to support concept validation and mitigate development risk
  • Identify therapeutic trends and practice patterns, instrumentation features, purchase decisions, pricing and price sensitivity considerations that influence a technology’s selection
  • Understand decision making behind physician purchasing decisions in addition to those technologies interesting for clinical trial

An added bonus of the Voice of the Customer Analysis is the identification and verification of potential Key Opinion Leaders or clinical study investigators who are often early adopters that influence their field.