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Valuation for Exit: Venture Funded Start Up
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Valuation for Exit of Venture Funded Start Up

Sell their company: Early stage innovative technology company, largely funded with venture capital, was seeking an exit and needed a valuation to capture the highest value

A venture funded medical device start-up seeking exit retained Strategy Inc. to perform a Market Analysis and Financial Valuation to support negotiations for a robust and defensible acquisition price for their emerging technology.

Strategy Inc. Proven Processes

At the direction of the start-up’s CEO, Strategy Inc. delivered a solid valuation using a triangulated model of market value, discounted cash flows and industry comparables. This valuation included in-depth Market and Competitive Positioning Analyses. At the cornerstone of the analysis was the development of appropriate projections to address the unique market dynamics in the US and Europe. Both top-down and bottom-up approaches were used to develop the projections that accurately describe the company’s technology development process, go-to market strategies, and market adoption behavior.

Strategy Inc. Generates Results

Strategy Inc.’s analysis provided the company with a robust valuation to strengthen the start-up’s negotiation position with a number of potential acquirers.

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Other Projects for Similar Clients

Other projects that have been executed for similar clients seeking exit include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Valuation of an Israeli-based interventional cardiology technology in a crowded market for acquisition by a multinational company
  • Clinical Adoption Assessment with key opinion leaders to identify the projected adoption and exit strategy for an energy-based dermatologic device
  • Competitive Analysis to provide an in-depth understanding of the global competitive landscape to identify competitive advantages and determine product positioning for a novel therapeutic device in women’s health