Strategy Inc. works with venture capitalists, emerging technology companies, law firms specializing in emerging biomedical technology, multinational medical device companies and incubator/accelerators.

“Strategy Inc. has worked with a number of my companies on a variety of important strategic projects. I have found them extremely thorough in helping us isolate the true objectives of what we are attempting to gain from a study, crystallize our thought process in executing the study and factually analyze the results for our management teams.

We have worked with Strategy Inc. in projects that have focused our product development activities into new directions (e.g., Vertelink Corporation), brought together a worldwide group of scientific experts for clinical and technical feedback (e.g., Devax, Inc.) and shaped our sales and marketing strategy for a major new product launch (e.g., Micrus Endovascular Corporation).”  Mike Henson, General Partner, The MedFocus Fund, LLC, Irvine, California

The MedFocus Fund is a medical device accelerator venture capital fund.

Morgenthaler Ventures testimonial for Clinical Adoption Assessment

Strategy Inc. helped us to get a handle on an emerging therapeutic solution that provides a complete paradigm shift – a revolutionary, not evolutionary approach. A Clinical Assessment with global leaders confirmed several of our assumptions, and also uncovered different priorities that will drive our strategy. In addition, several alternative opportunities for positioning were unearthed. I am pleased with the work performed by Strategy Inc.”  Jim Broderick MD, Partner, Morgenthaler Ventures, Boston, Massachusetts

Morgenthaler Ventures, founded 40 years ago, with $2.5B under management, including $450M in their current fund is located on Sand Hill Road in Menlo Park. Their Life Sciences division invests in Medical Devices, Biopharmaceuticals, Therapeutics and more.

“Strategy Inc. worked with us on the Valuation and due diligence for an emerging stage innovative medical device technology.  The valuation included a triangulated method with discounted cash flow, return on invested capital and sales multiples for a defensible strategy, which we are using working with them for Exit.  Due diligence included 20 direct interviews with three subspecialties of stakeholders to validate the market.  Strategy Inc. did an outstanding job in fulfilling our business strategy needs. We sincerely enjoyed working with the entire team and look forward to continuing to utilize their resources in the future.”  Rajan Hansji, President and CEO, KP Medcure (Merged into Medtronics  and renamed Vascular Medcure).

Vascular Medcure (merged into Medtronics) was formed by an Anaheim, California lifescience incubator/accelerator Hansji Corporation, an award winning hospitality company founded over 40 years ago and who has successfully developed more than 2 million square feet of commercial office, hospitality and life science space.

Global due diligence for Edwards Lifesciences, the global leader in the science of heart valves and hemodynamic monitoring selling medical technologies.

“Prior to allocating additional resources for expansion of our product portfolio, Strategy Inc. performed a worldwide market due diligence analysis to validate clinical need and market perceptions. The project entailed numerous decision makers and influencers in the complicated critical care environment. Strategy Inc. was able to drill down to the key issues that would enable us to make a decision based on the results of their work.

Their thorough analysis covering a range of stakeholders across the globe enabled our team to make strategic decisions with confidence by confirming several assumptions, quantifying market need and discovering key trends to ensure successful positioning of our technology.” Jiny Kim, Senior Product Manager Pressure Monitoring Edwards Lifesciences

Edwards Lifesciences is the global leader in the science of heart valves and hemodynamic monitoring selling medical technologies in nearly 100 countries with 2019 sales of $4.3 billion.

“As Senior Manager, Marketing & Commercialization at OrthoXel I commissioned Nancy Patterson and Strategy Inc. to run a deep intensive qualitative research project that also involved some conjoint analysis specifically focused on orthopaedic trauma and healthcare economics in the United States. The two-part project was critical for our business, Nancy was a consummate professional, the communication from start to end was exemplary and the entire project was completed and delivered on time and to budget.  As a result of Strategy Inc’s work I am delighted to now be connected to Nancy and our business continues to benefit from the high level executive analysis and introductions she made for us.“ Alanna Carty, Commercial Director

OrthoXel, Cork Ireland is a specialist orthopaedic trauma company, using innovative engineering design to evolve truly next generation fracture fixation devices.

“Strategy Inc. has supported us in every step of setting the foundation for the successful launch of our products in the US. We have worked with the company for over a year during which we were presented with deliberate and comprehensive information about Competitive Landscape Analysis, Valuation of the US Market, and the Strategy for US Launch.

Throughout the project implementation, the team of Strategy Inc. has demonstrated exceptional professionalism and dedication to work. Our initial expectations were overachieved, and they have never failed to amaze us with their commitment to bringing value to our company and contributing to its far-reaching goals and challenges.” Nino Pertaia, Head of Business Development Department

Aptos Global, located in Tblisi, in the country of Georgia and privately held. Founded >25 years ago, Aptos is the innovator, manufacturer and global leader of minimally invasive innovation for aesthetic face and body procedures. Aesthetic surgeons and clinicians perform a range of procedures with >30 products sold in >80 countries. Their new 10,000 sq m. manufacturing facility was completed in 2021.

“We hired Strategy Inc. to support our US Market Launch and identify KOLs with a lengthy list of criteria in 4 clinical areas. The objectives for the US KOLs are to stand with us in round tables, webinars, podcasts, potential white papers, business connections and introductions and possible clinical studies. Strategy Inc. was able to deliver, and provide us with impressive leading clinicians from both academic and private settings. We found Strategy Inc. very professional all along the project and can recommend their services. The team is very flexible, agile and motivated to reach the project objectives within the expected timelines.” Julien Moussalli, General Manager US

Wefight (Paris, France) is a leading digital health company that creates and develops Virtual Companions (called Vik) to support cancer and chronic disease patients with artificial intelligence and natural language processing. Founded in 2017, Wefight currently supports 500k users daily with 19 pathologies (including Asthma and Atopic Dermatitis) in 14 countries including Europe, the US, Latin America, UAE and 12 partnerships with patient associations. They work with the top 10 pharmaceutical companies, medical experts and patients to create fit-for-purpose solutions. Wefight identifies and redirect patients to practitioners to ensure the right treatment.

“We hired Strategy Inc. to deliver a Competitive Analysis with a deep dive into MAUDE data and publications. Strategy Inc.’s thorough analysis delivered valuable insight that will help us effectively position our product for commercial launch. The documentation and resources they provided will support and drive our strategic plan. We look forward to working with Strategy Inc on future projects.” Steven Ford, Senior Vice President of Business Development and Marketing

Medcura Inc. (Riverdale, Maryland) develops innovative hemostatic agents to stop internal bleeding in surgery and trauma centers with their disruptively lower-cost surgical gels, foams, powders, and putties that require no preparation or special handling. Their LifeGel™ proprietary biosurgical absorbable hemostat is the first and only surgical hemostatic agent to receive the FDA’s coveted Breakthrough Device Designation. Medcura is located in the Discovery District of Maryland, in a new facility that will support the manufacture and commercialization of their growing product line.

“We hired Strategy Inc. to identify US Key Opinion leaders in Ophthalmology, to support our fund raising efforts and calibrate our US market launch strategy. The KOLs they identified were at the highest level, and understanding their commitment to innovation assisted in apprehending our future market launch. We have found them extremely reliable, thorough and reactive. We found the comprehensive nature of their analysis has helped us identified key needs to deploy our solution faster in the US and is definitely of great help to gather potential KOL support in the US.” Edouard Gasser, Co-Founder and CEO

Tilak Healthcare, (Paris, France) founded in 2016, is a proven early stage ophthalmology application with unique gaming approaches and scientific rigor suited to monitor patients with chronic eye diseases. The application includes highly engaging clinically validated mobile medical games to remotely monitor and rehabilitate ophthalmology patients.

Strategy Inc. performed a market analysis and technology assessment for Endologix.

Strategy Inc. was able to perform a market analysis and technology assessment that permitted our company to monetize our intellectual property outside of our clinical focus.” ✦ Paul McCormick, CEO, Endologix

Endologix develops minimally invasive treatments for vascular diseases. The company is focusing on the development and marketing of its patented technology for the treatment of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms (AAA).

A Strategy Inc. Business Analysis and Optimal Market Action Plan for Implanet

“We used Strategy Inc. to perform a Business Analysis and Optimal Market Action Plan for a paradigm changing supply chain management system for both suppliers (healthcare facilities) and providers (manufacturers). The analysis identified both the direct and indirect competitors, one of which acquired the technology. As a European company, we relied on Strategy Inc. to provide a validated US strategy to ensure a global perspective. We continue to work with Strategy Inc. on follow on projects that expand our innovative portfolio.” Nazanine Sahami, VP Business Development – Partner, Implanet

Implanet, founded in 2007 and located in the Bordeaux region of France, develops, manufactures and markets innovative prosthetic orthopedic implants, several changing the standard of care. Implanet also developed, and has now sold, a novel tracking system to insure the traceability of implants, improve supply chain performance and sales productivity, provide patient security with on demand access to all stakeholders to the full spectrum of information.

Marketing claims analysis and market research performed for Strategy Inc. client Boston Scientific.

“In working with Strategy Inc. on marketing claims analysis and market research, we found that their processes and hard work consistently developed results which gave a comprehensive view of the market space, and that their style as a company yielded deliverables with exceptional clarity and utility.” Kristen Jaax, MD, PhD, Manager, Emerging Indications, Boston Scientific

Boston Scientific is the world’s largest medical device company dedicated to less-invasive medicine.

“We hired Strategy Inc. to support a Clinical Market Analysis for a wound healing combination innovation funded through a significant pre-commercialization grant from the North Carolina Biotech Center. The analysis included identification and voice of the customer capture of both clinical and aligned business key opinion leaders to highlight where our transformational technology will provide clinical advantages and position our innovation for market acceptance.  The analysis delivered insight into funding strategies and methods to determine the value of our changing-the-standard-of-care breakthrough discovery and to further development efforts towards clinical translation. We appreciated the ability to leverage the experience of Nancy Patterson, President and CEO to provide industry business insight for an academic based development. Strategy Inc. delivered crucial analysis to maximize market positioning of our disruptive wound therapy.”  Virginie Papadopoulou, PhD, Ultrasound and Drug Delivery, Assistant Professor, UNC School of Medicine   Sarah Rowe-Conlon, PhD,  Biofilms and Antibiotics, Associate Professor, UNC School of Medicine

Sonotherapeutics is University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine joint department technology development between the Biomedical Engineering Department in Ultrasound and Drug Delivery and The Rowe-Conlon Lab focused on improving antibiotic efficacy against chronic bacterial infections.

Strategy Inc conducted a competitive analysis

“The highly professional, structured and focused process of competitive analysis conducted by Strategy Inc. contributed significantly and brought certainty to our business decisions. We felt we were provided with clear thinking and expert advice, which helped us identify the best opportunities for growth and performance.

Strategy Inc. is the home of informed decisions, providing the reassurance that the Market Assessment and Competitive Analysis are performed at the highest professional level. [Strategy Inc.’s] consistent insight and focused direction provide a starting point for shaping future performance.”  Reuven Lewinsky MD, Director of Surgical Innovation, Lumenis

Lumenis headquartered in Yokneam Israel, is a global developer, manufacturer and marketer of laser, light-based and radiofrequency devices for surgical, aesthetic, and ophthalmic applications.

Strategy Inc. performed a business analysis for biom'up biologic emerging technologies

Strategy Inc. performed a business analysis for several of our biologic emerging technologies delivering a US market strategy. The due diligence with targeted key opinion leaders in a cross section of clinical subspecialties provided valuable perspective for market segments under consideration. Strategy Inc. also executed several competitive business analyses that included a pricing strategy to help define the US market opportunity for our technologies. Strategy Inc. consistently delivers very precise and strategic work, and we continue to design our US strategy with their insight.” Sylvain Picot, Président Directeur Général & Patricia Forest, PhD, Directrice Générale, Déléguée et Directrice Scientifique

Biom’Up, located in Lyon France and founded in 2005, develops, manufacturers and markets innovative implantable medical products based on biopolymers, primarily collagen. Based on continuing and iterative clinical input, the products are designed for general, cardiothoracic, maxillofacial, spinal and orthopedic surgery.

LA BioMed, a leading nonprofit biomedical research institute

Strategy Inc. performed a TechSelect Analysis on eight of our developing technologies at LA BioMed, the Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute at Harbor-UCLA. Medical Center. This in depth business analysis provided a framework for successful commercialization for a wide range of technologies at very different stages of development and is incredibly helpful.” David Meyer PhD, President and CEO, LA BioMed

Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center (LA BioMed) is one of the country’s leading nonprofit biomedical research institutes with 150 researchers advancing lifescience innovation.

Strategy Inc. assisted Poietis in the formation of a scientific advisory board.

Strategy Inc. identified, validated and provided introductions to Key Opinion Leaders for the formation of our Scientific Advisory Board to provide strategic direction in the field of clinical application of Bioprinting and to support our financing. We travelled from France for individual introductions to world leading clinicians treating patients and also biomedical influencers who provide guidance to the FDA, and a public-private consortium supporting the development of regenerative medicine foundational technologies. Institutions included Johns Hopkins, Mayo Clinic, Stanford and others. ✦ Fabien Guillemot, PhD, Founder and CSO, Poietis

Poietis is a Bordeaux, France based biotechnology company specializing in 4D next generation bio-printing of living tissue. Poietis provides industry and researchers unique bio-printed products for regenerative medicine as well as preclinical research and effectiveness evaluations for the cosmetic industry (L’Oreal, BASF). Poietis is able to design and manufacture tissues with a single-cell resolution, which allows very precise control of the manufacturing process and guarantees the reproducibility and reliability of bio-printed products.

A US scientific advisory board was established for Robeaute

Strategy Inc. researched and then introduced us to a broad spectrum of Key Opinion Leaders for the formation of our US scientific advisory board. We travelled from France to meet with 10 of the highest level individuals that included leadership from University of California at San Francisco, Stanford, Columbia/Presbyterian, Mass General, Beth Israel, NYU Langone, Memorial Sloan Kettering, and Brigham and Women’s. These leaders provided clinical guidance, enthusiastic interest, a broad spectrum of perspective and will ensure that the trajectory of our ongoing development will address and lead clinical needs.. Bertrand Duplat, CEO and Joana Cartocci, COO

Robeaute is a Paris, France based startup creating a medical device for the brain, designed to diagnose and treat neuropathologies. Robeauté has a transdisciplinary approach, strengthened by collaborations with Sorbonne University and Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital.

Strategy Inc. conducted several valuable medical device assessments for the Alfred E Mann Institute

Strategy Inc. conducted several valuable medical device assessments that were critical in our evaluation of new project proposals.  They provided us with thorough research and strategic analyses, including: market potential, competition, regulatory affairs, intellectual property, reimbursement, and opinions from leading clinicians.” Arman H. Nadershahi, JD, MS, MBS, General Counsel, Intellectual Property and Regulatory Affairs Manager, Alfred E. Mann Institute for Biomedical Engineering at the University of Southern California

The Alfred E. Mann Institute at the University of Southern California is a non-profit organization that supports research, development and commercialization of biomedical devices and other technologies.

SabirMedical, applied research company

Strategy Inc. assisted our company with the development of an Investor Presentation and a Valuation Top Line clarifying the value proposition of our novel technologies. Strategy Inc. also performed due diligence to support closing our first round 6 Million Euros investment from Ysios Capital Partners, La Caixa and ICO Axis – an exciting time for our company. We sincerely appreciated the efforts and deliverables of Strategy Inc. and are pleased to be able to move to the next stage of our development.” Victor Garcia Llorente. Operations Director and Vincent Ribas Ripoll R&D Director

SabirMedical, is an applied research company located in the Bio-Incubator Science Park in Barcelona Spain focused in the development of novel technologies for diagnosis, home and patient care. SabirMedical’s initial technology is a game changing non-invasive cardiac monitoring technology.

SafeShot Technologies requested valuation

Strategy Inc. was recommended by our attorneys Stradling, Yocca, Carlson & Rauth, and we hired them to perform a valuation on our novel technology. They delivered an in-depth analysis and valuation based on solid market data triangulated to support a position of strength for the negotiations. Strategy Inc. delivered ten year financial projections for US and OUS, that were solid. Strategy Inc. is a top quality company that I would recommend highly!”  Dan Thayer, President, Safe Shot Technologies

SafeShot Technologies provides the world’s first truly affordable solution to accidental needle stick injuries.

Strategy Inc. performed a competitive market analysis for Breg

“We needed a more in depth industry analysis and comparison on where we stood against the competition and market trends, as we were preparing to expand our market share with a new product line. Strategy Inc. delivered on time and budget, much more than was expected. This gave us the ability to execute our strategy with confidence. Strategy Inc.’s team became a part of our team.” Monica Anderson, Former Director of Marketing, Breg Inc. an Orthofix Company, Current Director of Marketing, Edwards Lifesciences

Breg develops premium orthopedic, reconstructive and postoperative products and ambulatory infusion pumps for the management of post-operative pain. 

A comprehensive market assessment was performed for Avantis Medical for a new product under consideration.

Strategy Inc. prepared an extensive (135 pages) new market assessment for a new product we are contemplating. The report is extremely helpful with considerations of all critical success factors that we have reached a positive decision to go ahead with the project. I would highly recommend anyone contemplating a new product to engage Strategy Inc. for such an analysis.”  Elaine Chen, Chief Financial Officer, Avantis Medical Systems, Inc., Sunnyvale, CA

Avantis Medical is an early stage company developing medical devices to detect and treat cancers and other abnormalities of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract.

Advanced Sterilization Products has sought Strategy Inc. to conduct market opportunity assessments, validate new product concepts, and collect voice of customer and key opinion leader feedback.

“I have used Strategy Inc. to augment the capabilities of my own small group to conduct market opportunity assessments, validate new product concepts, and collect voice of customer and key opinion leader feedback. Strategy Inc. has worked on our behalf with a number of different medical specialties here in North America, as well as Asia and Latin America. Strategy Inc. collaborates closely with clients to develop a deep understanding of the project, then works independently to achieve project objectives and meet project deadlines. The work done by Strategy Inc. is of exceptional quality. I am extremely pleased with the results we have achieved in collaboration with Strategy Inc. and the extent to which we have been able to leverage my small team’s effectiveness.” Brent Jacobson, Director, New Business Development, Advanced Sterilization Products, A Johnson & Johnson Company

Advanced Sterilization Products, a Johnson & Johnson company, develops infection control products for use in the cleaning, disinfection, sterilization, and storage of medical devices.