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Securing Funding

How do I secure funding for my life science technology? Which investment entities would be most interested in the innovation we have invented? At Strategy Inc. we consistently field such questions and help early pre-clinical companies to further advance their development cycle for fundraising. Strategy Inc. performs the required diligence and develops the materials to support their efforts to secure funding. Ask Strategy Inc. how we can support your funding efforts.

Emerging technologies seeking to secure funding to advance their technologies and grow their company, may seek one, or several, of the following 3 types of investments based on their stage in development: Government Funding, Angel Capital and Venture Capital.

Government Funding

Government funding for small business is an excellent source of capital for emerging biomedical technology, especially since the funds are non-dilutive, and do not need to be repaid. In the US, government funds are essentially supplied by taxpayers, and require majority owned by Americans or American firms with no more than 500 employees. Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) grants are available to businesses performing research and development that is directly related to a federal agency’s mission.  There are a number of websites that have expanded information of these funding sources.

Angel Capital

Angel investors are typically high net worth individuals who provide early stage capital for compelling technology startups, in addition to leveraging their domain experience and competencies. Angel investors often also provide extremely valuable coaching in operations, finance, engineering, business development and management through advisory bodies or board of director positions. Often Angel investors are entrepreneurs themselves, or are executives who retired early from previous ventures that developed into successful empires.

We have a list of 200 Angel investors and their websites.

Venture Capital

Venture Capital firms invest capital in startup entities that due diligence indicates have significant growth potential in a large market.  Venture monies usually come from groups building higher risk portfolios who allocate funding in exchange for startup equity.  Some firms focus in seed and early-stage funding, while more specialize in later stage investments with products poised for commercialization or a liquidity event.

We have provided a list of approximately 200 Venture Capital investors who invest in lifescience and their websites.