Positioning analysis focuses and streamlines your journey

Positioning Analysis

Properly positioning your technology requires understanding the market space where your technology will be evaluated and compared. With a Positioning Analysis, understanding those benefits that lead market preferences ensures that your target user will grasp your value proposition and separate you from your competitors. Executives and business leaders who are close to their technology may interpret benefits that diverge from actual market preferences, especially in a market under change.

A System Positioning Analysis includes review of both direct and indirect competitors, as we have found this delivers the required insight.  Where the technology has unique features that will allow it to enjoy specialty positioning, other competitors usually are aware of this need, and may have already attempted to position their technology within the same space.  A careful analysis of the competitive technologies, both those that are currently available and emerging in addition to those who occupy/have occupied the same space but have not been commercially successful will ensure that the positioning will be best received and valued.

This activity, since Strategy Inc. has executed it so many times, can uncover untapped market niches for capture of unanticipated value.  This process often delivers many fold the investment, and pulls revenue forward.