“We hired Strategy Inc. to support a Clinical Market Analysis for a wound healing combination innovation funded through a significant pre-commercialization grant from the North Carolina Biotech Center. The analysis included identification and voice of the customer capture of both clinical and aligned business key opinion leaders to highlight where our transformational technology will provide clinical advantages and position our innovation for market acceptance.  The analysis delivered insight into funding strategies and methods to determine the value of our changing-the-standard-of-care breakthrough discovery and to further development efforts towards clinical translation. We appreciated the ability to leverage the experience of Nancy Patterson, President and CEO to provide industry business insight for an academic based development. Strategy Inc. delivered crucial analysis to maximize market positioning of our disruptive wound therapy.”  Virginie Papadopoulou, PhD, Ultrasound and Drug Delivery, Assistant Professor, UNC School of Medicine   Sarah Rowe-Conlon, PhD,  Biofilms and Antibiotics, Associate Professor, UNC School of Medicine

Sonotherapeutics is University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine joint department technology development between the Biomedical Engineering Department in Ultrasound and Drug Delivery and The Rowe-Conlon Lab focused on improving antibiotic efficacy against chronic bacterial infections.