Strategy Inc. identified, validated and provided introductions to Key Opinion Leaders for the formation of our Scientific Advisory Board to provide strategic direction in the field of clinical application of Bioprinting and to support our financing. We travelled from France for individual introductions to world leading clinicians treating patients and also biomedical influencers who provide guidance to the FDA, and a public-private consortium supporting the development of regenerative medicine foundational technologies. Institutions included Johns Hopkins, Mayo Clinic, Stanford and others.✦ Fabien Guillemot, PhD, Founder and CSO, Poietis

Poietis is a Bordeaux, France based biotechnology company specializing in 4D next generation bio-printing of living tissue. Poietis provides industry and researchers unique bio-printed products for regenerative medicine as well as preclinical research and effectiveness evaluations for the cosmetic industry (L’Oreal, BASF). Poietis is able to design and manufacture tissues with a single-cell resolution, which allows very precise control of the manufacturing process and guarantees the reproducibility and reliability of bio-printed products.