“We hired Strategy Inc. to deliver a Competitive Analysis with a deep dive into MAUDE data and publications. Strategy Inc.’s thorough analysis delivered valuable insight that will help us effectively position our product for commercial launch. The documentation and resources they provided will support and drive our strategic plan. We look forward to working with Strategy Inc on future projects.” Steven Ford, Senior Vice President of Business Development and Marketing

Medcura Inc. (Riverdale, Maryland) develops innovative hemostatic agents to stop internal bleeding in surgery and trauma centers with their disruptively lower-cost surgical gels, foams, powders, and putties that require no preparation or special handling. Their LifeGel™ proprietary biosurgical absorbable hemostat is the first and only surgical hemostatic agent to receive the FDA’s coveted Breakthrough Device Designation. Medcura is located in the Discovery District of Maryland, in a new facility that will support the manufacture and commercialization of their growing product line.