A portfolio analysis for the tech to sail ahead

Portfolio Analysis

TechSelect Portfolio Analysis

Determine the commercialization potential of your lifescience technology pipeline with a TechSelect Portfolio Analysis.

Often a company, lifescience accelerator or academic center has numerous technologies incubating. Executives benefit from determining those technologies with greatest probability to deliver the highest ROI. This is a challenging responsibility when the technologies include medical devices, biologics or a range of pharmaceutical compounds for a broad array of clinical indications, especially when many are at different development stages.

Deciding where to allocate scarce patenting dollars? Gain objective direction about which technologies are projected to deliver the greatest reward through collaborative and cost effective process. The TechSelect Portfolio Analysis includes interviews, peer reviewed literature analysis, competitive and market analysis, woven together with business threads.

A Strategy Inc. Portfolio Analysis is able to deliver a quantitative comparison revealing those technologies that show the most promise.

The TechSelect Portfolio Analysis projects the following:

  • Clinical adoption of a device, pharmaceutical, combination product or biologic
  • Commercial interest in the technology at different development stages
  • Competitive advantages of the evaluated technologies
  • Drivers and barriers to technology adoption
  • Projected commercialization risk
  • Anticipated development time to commercialization