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Platform Technology – Target Indications for a Midsize Company

Determine the best opportunity for platform technology with several potential indications.

A developer, manufacturer and marketer of state-of-the-art medical devices retained Strategy Inc. to analyze global opportunities of their platform implantable technology. The company desired increased revenues and to leverage the implantable platform technology with expanded indications. At the direction of the Vice President of Emerging Indications, an analysis was performed on 11 potential expanded indications for use to ensure that product development, regulatory, and executive staff resources would be allocated to business opportunities with the highest probability of commercial success.

Strategy Inc. Proven Processes

The analysis included the development of a robust quantitative model to value each potential indication based on 12 strategic business drivers considered to have the highest impact on the success of the commercialization effort.

Strategy Inc. Generates Results

The comparative Market Analysis identified the top 3 business opportunities with the highest projected probability for successful commercialization. Resources were focused to pursue further product development in these areas.

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Other Projects for Similar Clients

Other projects executed for similar clients with platform technology desiring to increase revenues through expanding indications and define market opportunities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Business Plan for an international company that received a $100 million “restart” investment, and desired to expand and develop the top four product lines with the highest probability of successful commercialization.
  • Business Plan for an energy-based device company in the process of exit, to prioritize the product lines with the highest potential.
  • Market Analysis to determine the market size potential for expanded indications for use in the treatment of cancerous and precancerous conditions.
  • Competitive Analysis to provide an in-depth understanding of the worldwide competitive landscape of energy-based dermatologic surgical devices, including development of new technologies.