Medical Device Consulting for Innovation Changing the Standard of Care

Our role as a medical device consultants is to determine the projected adoption, clinical treatment trends, and optimal positioning in a competitive landscape and identify the best launch strategy in a complex environment.  Such insight ensures successful commercialization, even in a complex clinical area.  Delivery requires market understanding, and rigorous analysis of stakeholders, existing and emerging competitive products, pricing analysis and deep understanding of market direction.

Although integral to ultimate success, medical device consulting extends beyond the details of reimbursement and regulatory positioning, where senior level strategic planning is critical to the allocation of resources, both fiscal and human.

Strategy Inc. offers a full suite of strategic medical device consulting services for essential financial and market due diligence combining rigorous analysis with decades of industry knowledge. Determining the value of innovation drives prioritization of resources, captures investment at the highest value and ensures selection of the indication with the highest probability for successful commercialization.

Our clients include enterprise companies, financiers, and emerging companies with technologies in all stages of the product lifecycle; however, nearly half of the innovations where clients seek Strategy Inc. insight are preclinical.

Changing the standard of care technology is the core of the Strategy Inc. clients and efforts.  Companies using neuromodulation to manage pain in minimally invasive care pathways, sensing technologies using AI and digital health applications to predict patient monitoring, using lithotripsy that was previously used to treat kidney stones to remove calcified plaque from arteries, applications that track and monitor ocular status in patients suffering from chronic maculopathies, management of systemic anticoagulation in trauma patients with cost effective treatment systems that do not change the standard of care, use of robotic technologies for increased surgical skills, precision and accuracy while reducing overall costs, use of remote monitoring to bridge the gap between traditional healthcare settings and home environments to extend the duration and reach of care.  These, and many more, emerging consistently, require the support of a medical device consultant able to support the commercialization process.

We work with medical technology companies who create life changing innovation to allow people to live longer, healthier and more productive lives. These companies develop, manufacture, distribute and support the technologies, devices, equipment, diagnostic tests, and health information systems that are transforming health care through earlier disease detection, less-invasive procedures, and more effective treatments.

Who we are

Strategy Inc. works as a business consultant to a range of medical device companies around the globe, supporting essential due diligence for the successful commercialization of their technology.

As medical device consultants, Strategy Inc. works with innovators from a full range of companies, individual entrepreneurs with a proof of concept attempting in establish the valuation for investments, international device companies planning US clinical trials and seeking respected Key Opinion Leaders with an established clinical research network who can champion clinical studies while discussing the technology with investors to establish projected adoption and valuation, mid-level medical device companies deciding between a make or buy decision for desired portfolio extensions, established multinational medical device companies requiring valuation of a competitive technology for acquisition at a fair price, patent attorneys deciding to take equity or require an investment for their services, and many more different entities seeking the expertise that is resident within company. A clear understanding of market trends, pricing and positioning strategies driven by value-based care ensures products will lead market expectations. If technology is at the leading edge of innovation changing the paradigm of care, Strategy Inc. is usually involved.

Key Opinion Leaders Identification and Validation

Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) of emerging medical device technology entities provide insight and guidance to ensure products meet or exceed market expectations. Clinical leaders in specific   clinical areas ensures they can impart confidence to potential investors. Their significant insight ensures they are able to confirm the clinical advantages of the medical technology. The unique experience and established influence of the best aligned Key Opinion Leader is a valuable and irreplaceable resource for medical device innovators.

Strategy Inc. has proven expertise to identify and validate leaders in target clinical fields with both the ambition and willingness to collaborate with executives essential to the process. As desired, they can also provide insight on clinical trial strategy.

The Key Opinion Leader Identification and Validation process sources clinicians or healthcare providers with the requisite expertise, level of influence, clinical experience, vision, interpersonal skills and commitment to excellence to provide ongoing insight.

Commercialization medical device consulting services
  • Market due diligence to validate target market and adoption forecasting
  • Ensure commitment from anticipated end users to accelerate time to positive cash flow with a confirmed market strategy
  • Market size and confirmed penetration rates for preclinical technology is the cornerstone to increased valuation
Financial medical device consulting services
  • Third party valuation by experienced Medtech financial advisors
  • Externally validated analysis resonates with sophisticated investors who rarely give credence to internally generated valuation
Competitive medical device consulting services
  • Scope of direct and indirect competitors, both current and future
  • Grasp the complete landscape for your value proposition to prioritize the open space most receptive to accelerated adoption
Portfolio medical device consulting services
  • Pipeline technology evaluation considering market size, commercialization timeline and risk and other external factors to summarize
  • Prioritize between divergent technologies, (med device, biologics, or pharmaceuticals) to focus resources first on products with the greatest potential

Client Testimonials

Strategy Inc. works with clients, such as the ones shown in the testimonials below.  Clients have kindly provided testimonials.  Review to see what types of projects have been completed, that are close to what you need to have completed.  For example, do you need a market assessment, or competitive analysis?  Perhaps you need to identify Key Opinion leaders to support your preclinical innovation?  Are you in the process of bringing your technology to the US, and seek leading clinicians who understand the value of your technology.  Review several of the testimonials for insight into the quality of work that Strategy Inc. delivers.


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