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Market Insights:  This section of Blog articles includes information on emerging technology including emerging areas, growth trends and the respective competitive technologies.  Click on each article to lead into the information, and then select Read More for each full article:

Forecasted growth in the hemodynamic monitoring systems market

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Hemodynamically unstable or at-risk critically ill patients often face organ dysfunction, multi-organ failure, and death due to causes such as hypovolemia, cardiac dysfunction, or vasomotor dysfunction. To address these issues, early hemodynamic management through techniques such as fluid therapy and vasoactive drug administration is crucial in maintaining organ perfusion and oxygen delivery. This is known […]

New innovations driving growth in the laryngoscope market

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Laryngoscopes are used to endoscopically insert into the larynx through the mouth or nose to visualize and access the airway during intubation and other procedures.  They provide a visual laryngeal examination of the larynx for the detection of infections or abnormalities. The device can also deliver oxygen and medication through intubation.

The global laryngoscope market size […]

An Update on Neuromodulation: Expanded indications, device miniaturization and advances in glial cell stimulation drive significant market growth

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Featured Image Source: Optogenetics and Neuromodulation

The neuromodulation market is a rapidly evolving segment of the medical device industry, expanding into emerging applications. From shifts in strategic investment to insights in technological advancements, this article covers recent sales trends and projections, neuromodulation VC fundings, as well as explores the emerging neurostimulation device […]

Metrics are showing that rebound will emerge in terms of technology adoption, investments and innovation

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In the next phase of the global pandemic, lifescience leaders and investors want to confirm the resiliency of the healthcare sector. In a time of questions, how do we continue to progress and where should we focus? As we journey through this season, speculations and comparisons emerge for what the healthcare market will look like on the other side of the global COVID-19 pandemic, and how medical device and biotechnology investment and hospital purchasing will compare to life before.

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