Nancy Patterson

Nancy Patterson, President and CEO of Strategy Inc.

President and CEO

Ms. Patterson is a Venture Analyst and the President and CEO and Founder of Strategy Inc. (in 2000) for US and International clients. Ms. Patterson has over 18 years’ experience in senior business development and marketing roles with emerging technology medical device companies, the last three of which were acquired by multinational medical companies for $205M, $387M and $508M. Ms. Patterson has held the position as the Vice President, Commercialization for Foundation for Biomedical Engineering. In her executive role she managed the due diligence function for the philanthropic Foundation that was endowed with over $2 billion targeted to create a new generation of biomedical institutes such as the one the Technion Institute of Technology in Haifa that focuses on the translation and commercialization of compelling biomedical technology.

Since 2006 through 2015 Ms. Patterson was a guest lecturer in the Medical School at the UCLA core Business of Science program. This graduate school program, one of the most popular in the medical school, teaches about the path to successful commercialization for lifescience technology. In 2010 Ms. Patterson was an invited presenter at IESE, for Healthcare 2020 in Barcelona. She is a much sought after speaker in the area of valuation and lifescience investment. Ms. Patterson developed and taught a series of courses as a guest lecturer at the University of California at Irvine entitled “Securing Funding for Your Compelling Medical Device Technology”. Ms. Patterson is an Immunologist from University of Michigan, and also has an MBA from University of Southern California.