With a key opinion leader to help navigate the waters

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Key Opinion Leader Identification and Validation

Key Opinion Leaders of emerging technology entities provide insight and guidance of development efforts to ensure products to meet or exceed market expectations.  Strategy Inc. has proven expertise to identify leaders in the field with both the ambition and requisite time to work collectively with a company and often just as important, the ability to collaborate with executives essential to the process.

The Key Opinion Leader Identification and Validation sources clinical Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) with the requisite expertise, clinical experience, vision, interpersonal skills and commitment to excellence to provide ongoing insight.

The KOLs provide valuable insight in several areas:

  • Ensure the technology design and performance leads clinical expectations.
  • Guide clinical trial strategy development
  • Inform pricing and preferred distribution preferences
  • Provide competitive landscape comparisons and feature preferences
  • Deliver training for early adopters
  • Support investment fundraising efforts with clinical insight

Potential Key Opinion Leader identification is based on rigorous criteria such as aligned clinical experience at top tier medical centers, peer reviewed publications and podium presentations.  In-the-Trenches clinicians can also be included, as meets client needs.  Key Opinion Leader selection is a collaborative process with the client.