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Highest ROI Technology: Business Metrics for an Incubator/Accelerator

Prioritize among eight medical devices, pharmaceutical compounds and biologics, those with the highest probability for successful commercialization and highest ROI potential.

The regional biomedical research institute’s CEO and Senior management retained Strategy Inc. to prioritize limited resources and help them use their influence to shine the limelight on those technologies slated for success.

The analysis was further compounded a portfolio that included medical devices, pharmaceutical compounds and biologics. In addition, several technologies ranged from early concept to those with validated clinical data. The incubator’s requests to help identify the highest ROI technologies within their portfolio included, for each technology:

  • Determine total addressable market size
  • Quantify the clinical interest
  • Comparative value over current technologies

Strategy Inc. Proven Processes

Strategy Inc. determined the top three technologies with the highest probability for successful commercialization and highest ROI potential, provided a timeline to first-in-man clinical data, and created a business-based summary to support funding activities for each technology. The process followed the trademarked TechSelect process including in-person interviews of the principal investigators, competitive landscape analyses and identification of the total addressable market for each technology. The process can be used to analyze as few as three technologies, up to 25.

Learn more about a Strategy Inc. TechSelect Portfolio Analysis.

Other Projects for Similar Clients

Other projects executed for similar clients with the desire to prioritize among numerous technologies include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Business Plan for an incubator based in Europe with six technologies in different orthopedic subspecialties. The CEO desired to accelerate the two with the highest potential ROI, one with a short time to exit and the other with a longer timeline.
  • Business Plan for an innovative medical device concept to treat rheumatoid arthritis, when prior clinical solutions included mostly medical management with TNF-α inhibitors. The CEO desired to determine the embodiment of the technology that would have the most rapid adoption while still delivering optimal clinical results.
  • TechSelect Portfolio Analysis for a university-based incubator with three potential indications for use for an energy based dermatology technology. Full analysis showed that only one of the three indications would be accepted by the target market.