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Financial Valuation

Integral to exit strategy is determination of a technology’s value throughout its life cycle. A defensible financial valuation steeped in sound assumptions is critical to resonate credibility with potential investors.

Traditional financial valuation methods are inadequate for development stage lifescience technologies. The challenge to deliver a justifiable financial valuation for an emerging medical technology that may be pre-clinical, or where comparables do not enjoy your value proposition requires a team experienced with the nuances of Medtech, able to accurately capture their value.

A Strategy Inc. Financial Valuation considers the intricate nuances of Medtech and provides decision makers with an independent defensible pricing strategy backed by in-depth research and strong methodology.

A technology’s potential value is:

  • Supported by a thorough qualitative analysis of the market, current industry trends, and economic drivers to build credible projections.
  • Determined through triangulation of discounted cash flows, industry comparables and valuation by stage

Financial Valuation is usually a triangulation of the following:

  • Market projections
  • Modified Discounted Cash Flow Analysis
  • Private Company Comparable Analysis, when available
  • Public Company Comparable Analysis, where applicable

Strategy Inc. offers a range of financial services to facilitate fund raising activities at the highest valuation, identify acquisition targets and outline exit strategy.