Know where your going on this adventure with a proper Exit Strategy

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Exit Strategy

Early and extensive planning for successful exit is critical to achieve the highest return on investment.  Identification of potential merger and acquisition targets for an exit strategy, in addition to potential companies for strategic alliance are cornerstones of Strategy Inc.

An analysis of the top 10 acquiring targets is the first step in the Exit Strategy.  Reviewing the companies’ revenue (as available), appetite for acquisition strategy, industry multiples and specific premiums that have been paid for technology that extends, or expands product offerings, potential product positioning for the technology within their existing portfolios and the most recent few years’ revenue for the specific divisions. In addition to the obvious targets, recent trends in M&A lean towards strategic partners who may be seeking to diversify their product portfolios into areas that may have a peripheral or indirect alignment.

Strategy Inc. offers a range of financial services to facilitate fund raising activities at the highest valuation, identify acquisition targets and outline exit strategy.