Make a business plan before you take the leap

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Business Plan

Business Plan

A robust Business Plan provides a clear roadmap to achieve commercial success and clearly articulates a lifescience technology’s value proposition and projected adoption trajectory.

A Business Plan includes market segmentation, competitive positioning and development of a robust business model with assumption-driven financial projections. Realistic capital needs are identified per outlined development requirements. Metrics provided by an outline of a sustainable growth strategy with well-defined milestones can further help insure follow-on funding.

A compelling Business Plan is the foundation to achieve durable differentiation and convince skeptical investors that an innovation will realize forecasts and maximize ROI.

The customized Strategy Inc. Business Plan is essential for:

  • Lifescience companies with a novel technology seeking funding or exit
  • Entities attempting to prioritize opportunities and determine those with the highest potential ROI
  • Companies seeking a commercialization road map

A Strategy Inc. Business Plan is a customized comprehensive assessment that incorporates a broad scope of global business analyses:

  • The Market Assessment defines the potential for commercial success within each of the identified target markets
  • The Competitive Analysis facilitates the identification and assessment of a potential market space, product positioning and feature set identification for a selected product
  • The Clinical Assessment determines projected clinical adoption based on one-on-one interviews with global opinion leaders and in-the-trenches physicians
  • The Risk Analysis outlines the most direct path to successful commercialization while mitigating the known and potential risks of product development.
  • The Financial Valuation includes a ProForma with five to ten-year revenue projections based on a risk adjusted bottoms-up sales analysis which includes a projected product adoption, a pricing matrix and projected cost of goods forecasts.

Strategy Inc. offers a range of financial services to facilitate fund raising activities at the highest valuation, identify acquisition targets and outline exit strategy.