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The Strategy Inc. blog includes valuable information for both leaders in lifescience startups and of established innovative companies seeking industry insight. The Blogs include two pages of posts to provide guidance for entrepreneurs divided into Market Insights and Business Strategy.

Market Insights includes articles in clinical area of innovation.  Emerging lifescience entrepreneurs will find information to ensure that the technologies they are developing will effectively address an unmet clinical need and track successful commercialization. Here it is possible to learn about market sizes of emerging areas, growth trends and the competitive landscapes.

The Business Strategy Blog section includes the methods and techniques for important aspects of developing techniques to navigate valuation, and understanding the commercialization of emerging technology.  This section includes articles of how to ensure that the strategy under development will deliver desired results.  For instance, the Business Strategy includes an article about the key considerations for ensuring medical device adoption.   Reach out to for additional information on any of the articles.

Market Insights

Business Strategy

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