About Strategy Inc. – Life Science and Medical Device Consulting

Founded in 2000, Strategy Inc. provides an extensive range of due diligence services to support investment decisions in the medical device industry, and inform product positioning and commercialization strategy. Our strategic insight emerges from solid, in-the-trenches analysis performed by an experienced team of dedicated and skilled professionals. Strategy Inc. delivers an accurate probability of successful commercialization, the development cycle, and the value that will be generated. It is this realistic insight, delivered by digging through the information from numerous sources that drives our clients to consistently state that it is as if “Strategy Inc. can see the future.”

Our team of medical device consultants has proven expertise in many clinical areas including neurostimulation, cardiology, oncology, orthopedics, gastroenterology, neurology, transplantation, dermatology, wound management, surgical infection prevention, women’s health, men’s health, energy-based therapeutics, diagnostics and many others.

Strategy Inc. is managed by two seasoned healthcare executives with a proven track record of success and over 35 years of combined experience in the medical device industry. In addition, our team of medical device consultants includes a committed group of medical device marketing and business development experts who have been working together for nearly 10 years. Each consultant has a rich depth of experience in business analysis and company valuation, as well as technology and clinical assessment within the medical device industry.

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Located in Austin, Texas, New York City and Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, Strategy Inc., has global reach and works with entities in the US, Europe, Israel, Asia and South America.

International to the US:

Strategy Inc. specializes in working with foreign entities to bring their products to the US. Clear understanding of market trends, pricing strategies and market positioning ensures that products will meet and lead market expectations.

Founded in 2000, Strategy Inc. has over 15 years’ experience with global clients and working with companies and products developed OUS. This proven experience and expertise ensures that OUS clients bringing new technology to the US will succeed with solutions changing the standard of care.

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