Strategy Inc. Lifescience Consulting

Strategy Inc. offers a full suite of strategic lifescience consulting services for essential financial and market due diligence combining rigorous analysis with decades of industry knowledge. Determining the value of innovation drives prioritization of resources, captures investment at the highest value and ensures selection of the indication with the highest probability for successful commercialization. Our clients include enterprise companies, financiers, and emerging companies with technologies in all stages of the product lifecycle; however, nearly half of the innovations where clients seek Strategy Inc. insight are preclinical.

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Commercialization medical device consulting services
  • Market due diligence to validate target market and adoption forecasting
  • Ensure commitment from anticipated end users to accelerate time to positive cash flow with a confirmed market strategy
  • Market size and confirmed penetration rates for preclinical technology is the cornerstone to increased valuation
Financial medical device consulting services
  • Third party valuation by experienced Medtech financial advisors
  • Externally validated analysis resonates with sophisticated investors who rarely give credence to internally generated valuation
Competitive medical device consulting services
  • Scope of direct and indirect competitors, both current and future
  • Grasp the complete landscape for your value proposition to prioritize the open space most receptive to accelerated adoption
Portfolio medical device consulting services
  • Pipeline technology evaluation considering market size, commercialization timeline and risk and other external factors to summarize
  • Prioritize between divergent technologies, (med device, biologics, or pharmaceuticals) to focus resources first on products with the greatest potential

Strategy Inc medical device consulting services provided around the world.

Global Focus: 46% of Strategy Inc. business over the last 10 years has been international, providing medical device consulting services to foreign entities seeking to bring their technology to market in the US.

Located in Austin, Texas, New York City, NY, and Research Triangle Park, Raleigh, North Carolina, Strategy Inc., has global reach and works with entities in the US, Europe, Israel, Asia and South America.

Strategy Inc. provides medical device consulting services to venture capitalists, emerging technology companies, law firms specializing in emerging biomedical technology, multinational medical device companies and incubator/accelerators. Excerpts from selected client testimonials are shown below or view the Full Testimonials.


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Strategy Inc. performed a business analysis for several of our biologic emerging technologies delivering a US market strategy. The due […]


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Strategy Inc. researched and then introduced us to a broad spectrum of Key Opinion Leaders for the formation of our […]


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Strategy Inc. conducted several valuable medical device assessments that were critical in our evaluation of new project proposals.  They provided […]


Strategy Inc. prepared an extensive (135 pages) new market assessment for a new product we are contemplating. The report is […]